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Earn ~9% rewards through staking Wanchain.

Are you a big fish or a whale?

You can earn even more and pay zero validator fees if you are a big fish (>50k WAN) or a whale (>100k WAN) and a long term holder.
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Why stake with

Uptime Commitment

High availability staking infrastructure


Protocol upgrades
Server management
Secure firewall


High bandwith
Latest Intel Xeon CPUs
Hardware Raid SSD

We specialize in Wanchain

Having than 4 million WAN locked and chosen by over 500 delegators, WanStake ranks as the #2 validator and selected to perform roles every day. It also means you receive rewards every day if you stake with

Interested in staking Wanchain?

Get Started is a 3rd party Wanchain staking service provider (just like every other validator). There is no “official Wanchain staking service”, all nodes are operated by 3rd parties.

Daily rewards

Full control

Zero setup cost


Why stake Wanchain:


You retain full control over your assets, locked in a smart contract. You can withdraw anytime.

No setup costs

You don’t have to own, run or maintain a node. Just delegate your WAN to our node and enjoy the rewards.

High rewards

~9% annual rewards. Just sit back and collect your rewards, we take care of the rest.


No lock up period. Deposit & withdraw anytime. Rewards are distributed every day.

Current state of the Staking Ecosystem

“The move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake is an inevitable trend in the development of consensus mechanisms.” — Jack Lu, Founder and CEO of Wanchain


~40% of the total market will use Proof of Stake consensus mechanism in 2020.

Estimated Annual Reward Payouts for Live Staking Networks by end of 2020:


What can provide you:

Daily rewards

You receive rewards every day if you stake with


We actively participate in the community and are always up to date


We respond to customer inquiries quickly



It takes just a few minutes to get started and earn staking rewards

Education provides education to customers about Wanchain’s Galaxy Proof of Stake consensus mechanism

Low comission rate charges only 10%

Get started

You are just a few clicks away from staking your WAN and earning rewards. Just follow these steps, it takes 2 minutes. For detailed instructions please check out our illustrated guide:

Detailed guide
Step 1

download and install the official wallet from Set up your wallet

Step 2

transfer the amount of WAN you want to stake to your address

Step 3

choose the “Delegation” menu and click on “New Delegation”. Select from the list

Step 4

select you address, enter the amount of WAN you want to stake and click “Send”

You are done, congratulations! Thank you for staking with

Have a question?

Yes you can! Just make sure you control the private keys of your wallet.

Absolutely. This way you can increase your rewards. Just send more WAN to the staking address you used previously.

Staking rewards are automatically distributed every day. charges only 10%

There is no “official Wanchain staking service”, all nodes are operated by 3rd parties. is a 3rd party Wanchain staking service provider, just

like every other staking provider.

Start earning Wanchain rewards

~9% rewards, automatic payouts, what’s not to like?

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